Zoa joins Last Syllable Press as co-editor

When the opportunity arose for me to join Last Syllable Press, I took it because – among other reasons – it is a concept rooted in an appreciation and respect for William Shakespeare’s work. The height of literature to me is when a piece of writing grasps and illuminates a universal truth about humanity, and few if any writers demonstrate this as well as Shakespeare. As his contemporary Ben Jonson phrased it, Shakespeare “was not of an age but for all time!”

More than 400 years after his death, Jonson’s words ring truer than ever.

As a member of the Last Syllable Press team, that high measure of literary achievement will always stand as my goal: to share words for all people and all time.

Such a mark is incredibly ambitious, but with our determination and earnest love for literature, I believe we can reach it and that, even if we fail, our attempt will prove worthwhile.

Our approach – I think it safe to speak for the group here – is not academic, but we will not preclude academic material; we don’t crave a vast audience for our work, but we do want it to be entertaining and accessible to most if not all people. The Last Syllable approach lies somewhere between learning and enjoyment.

My interest lies in any story that evokes a real emotion, expands the reader’s humanity, leads to greater self-knowledge, or gives the mind a meaningful respite from the dullness of daily life. These criteria carry much more importance than the genre, the writer, the style, or any other pigeon-holing classification.

I hope you enjoy the stories we choose to share and, if you agree with our approach, don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to share your own.