Brief Candle

Brief Candle is our annual Shakespeare zine. The goal of Brief Candle has been to open up discussions around Shakespeare to more people. Writing about Shakespeare has been thought of as the realm of the academic elite, even though one of Shakespeare’s greatest strengths as a writer and entertainer has been his ability to connect with both the ‘high’ and ‘low’ elements of society. In the same way that Shakespeare’s plays were beloved by aristocrats and commoners, the nobility on cushions and the penny-paying groundlings, we wanted to create something that allowed people of any age, education level, or type of experience to share their thoughts about Shakespeare. We welcome the personal, the conversational, and the unconventional.


Litmus Test

Litmus Test is a straight edge zine, focused on the hardcore scene and the social issues connected to radical sobriety. The first issue of Litmus Test focused on the connection between straight edge and veganism. The second issues focused on straight edge and feminism. The third issue focused on straight edge and atheism. Litmus Test was a limited run project that is now complete. There will be no more new issues, although old issues may be reprinted for special events.



Fog is a one-off poetry zine. Mac and Zoa each wrote five poems and Emily Kopf designed the zine and did illustrations to accompany each poem.


Translate is a one-off poetry zine. Mac wrote four poems on the subject of language, and then Carly Hanchin and Rachel Pitchford translated them into French and then back into English. Photos by Leah MacDaniel.