Past Year’s Accountability

Here we are again, checking in at the end of another year with a list of my failures.

In what has become an increasingly masochistic tradition, I am writing another “Past Year’s Accountability” post publicly shaming myself for not following through with all the things I had planned to do at the end of last year.

This year I tried to go with a few big resolutions rather than a lot of small ones, and well, you’ll see how that worked out for me.

If you would like to check back on past year’s progress, you can view my 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013201420152016, and 2017 posts as well.

Also, since this is my tenth year doing this tradition, I’ve done a bonus recap of the last ten years at the end.

1. Write 25,000 words of the SFAM book.
I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a book on Shakespeare I’m tentatively calling Spritely Fire and Motion. I had originally wanted to write 25K words of it this year but I only wrote about 5K. Not quite a total failure but not enough to justify giving myself half credit either.
2. Make BardCycle a success.
My biggest project for 2018 was my plan to bike across the country visiting Shakespeare theatres from coast to coast. After spending two years planning, fundraising, training, and promoting the trip, I managed to fall deathly ill a week into the trip and was laid up in bed for three fucking weeks. After the first week of being sick I threw in the towel and came home and recuperated. After three weeks I finally recovered fully but I was too far behind on money and time to finish the trip as I originally planned. So I rented a car and did the trip in a car instead. It ended up being an amazing experience, and I was able to visit more theatres in less time. But I can’t justify giving myself even half credit for only biking a week of a trip that was supposed to last three months.
3. Submit writing to at least 25 publishers/magazines.
2018 was the year I was planning to finally start taking my writing seriously. I was going to submit some of my short stories to publishers and magazines. But I didn’t manage to get anything edited and ready for submission. No credit here.
4. Reevaluate the direction of my professional life. If I choose to continue doing hair, start taking it more seriously. If I choose not to continue doing hair, find a more serious career or go back to school.
Sometimes I surprise myself at my own naïveté. While I am much happier to be back in Richmond and working at a new salon where my creativity is flourishing more than in the last three years, I wouldn’t say that I’ve started taking hair more seriously. I’m just settling in at my new salon and all my money is going to preparing for my trip to Europe in January so I’ve not really been able to start working on my education in a big way. No credit.
5. Publish BC5.
Alright, we’re five resolutions in and there’s finally one I can count as a success. Zoa and I finished work on the fifth issue of our Shakespeare zine, Brief Candle, in December. I honestly think it’s the best issue yet, mostly because we got enough submissions that I didn’t have to write 3-4 articles myself under various pseudonyms. Full credit here.
6. Publish a book for LSP.
I had originally wanted to publish another book for Last Syllable, but that didn’t pan out. No credit here.
7. Submit Falstaff play to ASC.
Zoa and I wrote a play about Falstaff together for the American Shakespeare Center’s “Shakespeare’s New Contemporaries” contest. Not only did we write it, which was a feat in and of itself, but we made it to the semi-finals in the contest. Not bad for our first play. Full credit.
8. Write 10 blog entries.
I wrote five blog entries in 2018 plus the blogging I did on my Shakespeare road trip so I’ll count this as a success. Full credit.
9. Write two short stories.
 I wrote three new short stories this year. Full credit here.
10. Write the Leviathan Novel(la).
I had an idea for a novel or a novella that I’ve been trying to write for a couple years but haven’t been able to get past the first few pages. I finally managed to finish it but I found that it could only work (at least for now) as a short story. So I’ll give myself half credit for this resolution.
11. Publish book of my father’s work.
I have a collection of my father’s photographs and writings that I’ve been meaning to publish in some form for like ten years. No progress here, no credit.
12. Surf
I’ve always wanted to surf, but I never have. Oh well, maybe next year.
So my total for 2018 was 4.5/12 or 37.5% which is surprisingly not my lowest success rate to date.
BONUS: Ten Year Recap, or Past Decade’s Accountability

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of my new year’s resolution posts, I’ve decided to do a recap of the last ten years and break down some stats.

So my average score for resolutions over the last ten years is 47.5%, which is a respectable number.

I sorted all my past resolutions into categories such as Creative(primarily writing-related goals), Personal Improvement (learn a language, go back to school), Philanthropy (everything from doing something nice for a friend to doing political activism), &c. 

I’ve sorted them by number of resolutions made in each category. It will be no surprise that I devote most of my resolutions to creative pursuits and personal improvement.

a note: I’ve made a category called “absurd” for a few resolutions that were just silly and weird and uncategorizable, such as my resolution in 2010 to fight a celebrity.

Creative: 78 resolutions with a success rate of ~33%

Personal Improvement: 46 resolutions with a success rate of ~59%

Philanthropy: 14 resolutions with a success rate of ~29%

Fun: 13 resolutions with a success rate of ~69%

Tattoo: 12 resolutions with a success rate of ~36%

Fitness: 9 resolutions with a success rate of 50%

Professional: 8 resolutions with a success rate of 75%

Travel: 7 resolutions with a success rate of ~43%

Absurd: 4 resolutions with a success rate of 13%

Interpersonal: 3 resolutions with a success rate of ~33%

Financial: 1 resolution with a success rate of 100%