Past Year’s Accountability 2012

This marks the fourth year that I’ve done a roundup of my New Year’s Resolutions at the end of the year to see how my determination and dedication paid off. The longer I do this, the better I think it is to make many resolutions instead of one, and to check back on yourself at the end of the year. This is a tradition I’m trying to get more people in on. Knowing that I’ll be posting my success rate online for anyone to read has kept me trying to pick up resolution points throughout the year so as not to be embarrassed.

Given that 2012 has been by far the worst year of my entire life, I’m impressed that I managed to really accomplish anything. That being said, these were my resolutions for 2012. If you’d like to see my success rates forĀ 2009, 2010, and 2011 you can see those as well.

1. Finish my hair apprenticeship.
Despite breaking my hand at the end of January and missing two months of work I still successfully completed my required 3,000 hours of apprentice training and am currently working full time taking clients, albeit still as an apprentice. I’m giving myself full credit for this resolution because the only thing between me and a cosmetology license now is paperwork.
2. Finish tattooing my arms.
While I didn’t finish tattooing my arms, I did tattoo my right hand, my legs, and my whole stomach. I’m going to give myself full credit for this because I got enough hours of tattooing to have finished my arms, just not in the right spots. Additionally my hand tattoo is much more visible than my arms anyway.
3. Finish editing/compiling my collection of short works.
I can’t give myself credit for this resolution. I just didn’t have the time or energy to work on my writing projects because I was so busy with work and family obligations.
4. Publish Litmus Test Issue 3.
This is another project I wasn’t able to touch all year. Once again it was just too big of an endeavour that I didn’t have time for.
5. Not have a girlfriend for the whole year.
Full credit on this resolution. I stayed single and ready to mingle all year.
6. Read 20 books.
I didn’t really realize when I wrote these resolutions that this one would overlap with resolution 17 to read every Shakespeare play. I am going to give myself full credit for this resolution because I read well over 20 Shakespeare plays, in addition to reading a textbook on economics.
7. Start another venue.
I wrote these resolutions after the Warehouse was shut down and I really wanted to start another venue with Lee but in the spring of this year I got so frustrated and disillusioned with Hardcore that I wouldn’t have been involved with another venue even if I’d had the opportunity to start another. No credit on this resolution.
8. Start online literary/arts/news magazine.
I was really interested in trying to find people to start a Richmond-based website like Thought Catalog but I never got around to it. Like I said before, my writing projects really went by the wayside this year.
9. Not get into a fistfight all year.
In September of 2011 I decided to forsake all violence and become a pacifist. I give myself full credit for this resolution because I didn’t get into a violent confrontation all year.
10. Convince one person to go vegan.
I convinced my friend Leah to go vegan in December so I’m giving myself full credit for this resolution. I pulled this one out at the eleventh hour.
11. Kiss **.
At the end of 2011 I had a huge crush on this female friend who shall remain nameless for the sake of not embarrassing myself or her. Not only did I not kiss her, but when I told her that I had a crush on her she stopped talking to me and started talking trash about me behind my back. So by telling her I liked her I not only blew my chances, but lost her as a friend as well. If I could give myself negative points for this I would.
12. Become conversational in Spanish.
Although I’ve tried to practice my Spanish with my Mexican coworker, I can’t give myself any credit for this because I don’t think my Spanish has gotten any better.
13. Dress better.
I’m going to give myself half credit for this because even though I didn’t get a chance to buy many new clothes, I did try to start looking a bit more put together. As someone whose normal style falls between homeless old man and ’90s Hardcore kid, the fact that I spent more time this year in collared shirts than camo shorts means I’m entitled to half credit on this resolution.
14. Start work on literature/website advocating sterilization.
The frustrating thing about this resolution is that I purposefully phrased it to make it easy to accomplish, all I needed to do was START work but I didn’t even do that. All my writing projects fell by the wayside this year. No credit here.
15. Finish editing/compiling collection of my dad’s photos/writing.
No credit here. Didn’t work on this project at all.
16. See Eisley twice.
I got on a bus in the spring of this year and saw my favourite band Eislely in New York City and then the next day in Philadelphia. Full credit on this resolution.
17. Read every Shakespeare play.
Full credit here. Not only did I read all the ones I hadn’t read before, but I also saw several productions, watched some film adaptations, and also saw the BBC miniseries “Playing Shakespeare.”
18. Do something really nice for the Rawlins.
I wasn’t able to come up with something I could do for the Rawlins. No credit here. I struggled all year trying to think of something I could do that would be meaningful for the whole family and wouldn’t require any money because I was broke all year.
19. Perform in a poetry slam.
I’m going to stop putting this on my list of resolutions because it’s obviously never going to happen. No credit here.
20. Do at least one day’s worth of volunteering for a worthy charity/nonprofit.
In February I actually worked for 11 hours with Planned Parenthood and the VA Pro-Choice Coalition, lobbying state legislators and phone banking. Full credit here.
21. Become a member of WCVE.
Couldn’t scrounge up any cash to join WCVE when they were doing their two membership drives this year. No credit here.
22. Make up with at least one friend I have fallen out with.
Although my first two choices for this resolution rejected my offer of reconciliation, I did get back on positive terms with Sarah Rauers and Amira, two people I had fallen out with. So I’m giving myself full credit here.
23. Build a pinhole camera.
I just sorta forgot about this resolution until the end of the year and didn’t have the money for the materials. No credit here.
24. Learn to cook five new dishes.
I tend to eat the same junk food everyday so I wanted to learn to cook five new dishes. I made my own seitan, vegan cole slaw, green apple chili, cornbread, and vegan fried fish sandwiches. I also cooked a couple other new things this year but these were the most interesting. Full credit here.
25. Be a better listener, make people feel special.
This is a pretty subjective resolution but I’m not going to give myself any credit for it. Truth be told I have seen my group of friends thin out consistently over the past few years and I was trying to change my behavior as a stopgap measure. But given that I have fewer friends this year than I did last year means that I must still be an intolerable prick that no one likes. It’s hard to imagine that I’ve become nicer during a year when even less people wanted to hang out with me so I’m not giving myself any credit for this resolution.
So my success rate for 2012 was 11.5/25 or 46%. This is actually the highest success rate I’ve had since I started keeping track. In 2009 my success rate was 43%, in 2010 it was 29%, and in 2011 it was 26% so I have finally reversed my downward trending success rate. I’ll check back with y’all in a year to see how my 2013 resolutions came out.