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North South East West

The subject of manhood has been tackled by many more brilliant people than myself from many different sociological, psychological, and biological perspectives so when I write about it I really only bring my very personal perspective to it. It never really struck me until recently that so many of the things that define manhood for […]

My Country Wrong or Right

It’s well known that I am no patriot. In fact, my denunciation of nationalism as an idea has garnered me more hatred in Richmond than anything else I’ve done. The idea of nationalism has never made any sense to me, I could never really see where patriotism ends and racism begins, it all seemed to […]

You’re Not Famous

The first time I ever heard of a “social networking” site, was through my friend Dave Samsel sometime in late 2002 or early 2003. We were at the 7-11 on Main and Harrison and he was explaining Friendster to me. “It’s like, you have a page, and other people have pages, and you can add […]


Something in the way of a caveat….kinda: More important than the criticism I get from external sources that my blog is incredibly self-indulgent and so egocentric that I would have prosecuted Galileo for insisting the sun doesn’t revolve around me is the internal hesitation I feel whenever I sit down to write an entry that […]