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Snowed In

As I write this entry I am surrounded by eighteen inches of snow and if you think that sounds awesome – fuck you. I hate snow. When I see snow I want to burn the world down, I want to spill oil into the ocean so I can light it on fire and grill baby […]


CAVEAT: If you’re uncomfortable discussing masturbation, sexuality, or the human body then read no further. It’s no secret that I masturbate a lot. Every boy goes through the same kind of weird paranoia when he first discovers masturbation at around age 11. The feelings you develop creep up on you gradually and then one day […]

You Said You’d Never Fucking Change

Sometimes I hesitate to write in my blog about things like Straight Edge. This isn’t because I dislike talking about it. Anyone who knows me knows that it’s probably my favourite thing to talk about. I hesitate simply because I want my blog to be the kind of thing that most people even those not […]

North South East West

The subject of manhood has been tackled by many more brilliant people than myself from many different sociological, psychological, and biological perspectives so when I write about it I really only bring my very personal perspective to it. It never really struck me until recently that so many of the things that define manhood for […]