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They Schools

I received a letter on my birthday of this year from a friend who wrote to tell me that not only was our friendship over, it had never actually existed at all. This blog entry isn’t really about her, or about the letter, but it is about one very small very interesting part of the […]


I don’t feel like I have a lot of tattoos. The microcosm of Hardcore in which I spend most of my life is so filled with heavily tattooed people that I never really feel like a very tattooed guy. But I do occasionally spend time in circles of – it’s hard to find a nice […]

Snowed In

As I write this entry I am surrounded by eighteen inches of snow and if you think that sounds awesome – fuck you. I hate snow. When I see snow I want to burn the world down, I want to spill oil into the ocean so I can light it on fire and grill baby […]


CAVEAT: If you’re uncomfortable discussing masturbation, sexuality, or the human body then read no further. It’s no secret that I masturbate a lot. Every boy goes through the same kind of weird paranoia when he first discovers masturbation at around age 11. The feelings you develop creep up on you gradually and then one day […]