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What’s in a Name?

Generally speaking I try to avoid writing in my blog about subjects that are too personal or esoteric. I try to keep the topics I write about on this blog broad enough that an individual who doesn’t necessarily know me personally or my lifestyle can sit down and read and be as equally annoyed as […]

Change We Can Believe In

When I was 15 years old, Americans over the age of 18 without felony convictions went to the polls and elected the single stupidest president in the history of this country. George W. Bush is not only without a doubt the least intelligent person to be elected to be head of the US executive branch […]

Peace and Love

Given that I am generally an excessively negative individual, few things bother me as much as the idiotic platitudes and bromides that people choose to plaster about themselves as ways of defining their spineless and trite views on life. Based on reading my blog it should be obvious that I am a person who takes […]

God Hates Blogs

Tuesday, March 2nd Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church will be in my hometown of Richmond VA protesting at a number of Jewish sites (including the Richmond Holocaust Museum) as well as at an area high school. There are a lot of groups organizing counter-protests and there is endless debate about the best reaction […]