Litmus Test Issue One

My straight edge zine is finally finished. It has been over four months (off and on) of working on it, and I’m super excited about it. It is undoubtedly the largest creative project I’ve followed through with in its entirety. I have written one full length novel, a novella, dozens of short stories, a play in which I also starred, I performed slam poetry for a couple years, and I maintain a blog, and my best estimate would be that my zine will have more widespread exposure than all those things combined. I have already received messages asking me to send copies to London, Belgium, and New York, and it hasn’t even come out yet.

I am to some degree very nervous about how it will be received. I feel confident in the project but I know that Richmond Straight Edge kids are particularly finicky. I feel good about releasing my zine at United Blood though because hopefully there will be enough out of town kids who are interested to make up for any possible disinterest from the Richmond scene.

I really wanted to do this zine because I am not very talented at too many things but I really wanted to do something that contributed to the Straight Edge scene in Richmond. I don’t really play an instrument so it’s not necessarily the easiest thing to contribute to the scene musically. And every attempt I’ve made at booking a show has failed pretty miserably so I don’t even try. I try to make up for this by trying to never miss a show in Richmond, but that’s nearly impossible.

I feel like the Hardcore scene in Richmond is amazing and has given me so much that I really wanted to put something back in. Eh, a zine is not necessarily the focal point of a Hardcore scene but I hope that it’s entertaining and kids like it.

I just went to the printers and got a look at the proof of the zine so I could give them the okay to print the whole batch and it looks awesome. I pick them all up either Thursday evening or Friday morning.