Eastcheap makes it to semi-finals of Shakespeare’s New Contemporaries

Poor Jack, farewell!

We wrote. We edited. But, like most people who submit something to be published or accepted for the theater, our words did not conquer.

The Last Syllable team decided to take a first crack at playwriting. (If Shakespeare could do it, why can’t we!?) The product of that effort was Eastcheap, a dramatic work in five acts based on Henry IV, Part 1, that imagines how a modern-day college professor could become a Falstaff. We submitted it to the first round of the Shakespeare’s New Contemporaries contest, presented by the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia, and  it advanced to the semifinal round before its rejection this week.

Ill weaved ambition, how much art though shrunk!

Although we are disappointed our work did not go further, the process proved to be very educational, rewarding, and rather fun. We will continue to refine Eastcheap in order to get it onto the stage somewhere, and look forward to writing more for the New Contemporaries contest, which is accepting companion pieces for each of Shakespeare’s plays.