This is a very brief entry but I felt the need to share a very brief story about a really weird thing that happened to me once. It was something like six months ago, back when it was just starting to get warm outside. I was walking from my apartment on Boulevard down toward VCU campus in the early evening. There had been a bad storm a couple of hours prior in the afternoon and it was still overcast and dark. I was walking along Grove Avenue in the light residual shower and enjoying the coolness of the dusk. The sidewalk was littered with leaves, twigs, and branches of all sizes from the strong winds that the afternoon storm had brought.

I was making my way east on Grove listening to music in my ipod when I saw Carly, my ex-girlfriend walking toward me, headed west away from campus. I took out my headphones and tucked them into the collar of my shirt. We paused momentarily to exchange a hug and a hello. I asked what she was up to; she returned the favour. I then turned to continue my journey, started to put my headphones back into my ears and take a step forward when about twenty feet in front of me an enormous tree branch the girth of my arm abruptly snapped and dropped down onto the sidewalk.
The timing of it was such that you had to be there, but Carly and I noted definitively that it landed exactly where I would have been if I hadn’t paused to speak with her. The weight of the branch was considerable, more than enough to knock me the ground, if not unconscious had it caught me off guard – which it most certainly would have with my headphones in.
One of those moments where the timing fits so perfectly it feels eerie. The whole scene played out like it had been written exactly for that moment. I think about it every time I pass that block of Grove. There but for the grace of God I was knocked the fuck down by a big ass tree branch.