Brief Candle 3 Released

The third issue of Brief Candle is printed and available for sale, starting at Richmond Zine Fest today.

The making of Brief Candle has been an evolving process over the almost three years I’ve been working on it. Design-wise I’ve decided to move into a half-page size and to streamline the look, using fewer images and embracing the fact that it’s a literary zine and people who are willing to look at a Shakespeare zine won’t be put off by the fact that it’s not a picture book. For years I was attached to the full-page size because I thought it made my projects look more credible, more ‘serious,’ but I’ve come to find that it’s actually a bit cumbersome and unwieldy so this is my first experiment with moving into a smaller size.

I think this is our best issue yet, the quality and variety of the pieces are what I’ve wanted from Brief Candle from the beginning.

The first batch of BC3 are only available in person but I will post them for sale on the website if I have any left after today, or after I get more printed.