All The World’s A Stage. Staunton. Days 1-3.

Summer Shakespeare trip, take two! We are restarting the clock at days 1-3 Finally recovered from my mysterious illness, rental car in my possession full of granola bars and trail mix, I left Richmond Saturday morning headed for Staunton. I found a wonderful host on and met up with her to get the keys […]

Tear Him For His Bad Verses

Before I was anything else, I was a writer. I was probably eight or nine years old the first time that I sat down and wrote a story on my own, not for a school assignment, not because anyone asked me to, just because I wanted to. I still remember most of it, it was […]

Discovery (Fuck Seth MacFarlane)

Like any intelligent, cultured human being, I’m a huge fan of Star Trek. My early experiences watching Trek had a profound influence on my cultural and social ideas. It was Star Trek that introduced me to Shakespeare and to humanism. When I start looking for the seeds of the philosophies that have shaped my identity, […]

She Should Have Died Hereafter

I set out from the west end of Richmond late Saturday morning, following Google Maps bicycling directions from out to Charlottesville. The route mostly meanders around route 250, occasionally winding off down various country roads to keep you from the more heavily trafficked 250 which can be scary at times. I’ve never owned a car, […]

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow. Richmond and Charlottesville. Days 1-3

Friday. Romeo and Juliet opening night. The sendoff. So the day finally arrived. June first. Opening night of the Richmond Shakespeare Festival at Agecroft Hall. All week the weather forecast was calling for thunderstorms Friday so I spent most of the last few days panicked about how we’d manage the sendoff in bad weather. But […]

What a Piece of Work is Jan

This week, my boss Jan Powell announced that she would be stepping down as artistic director of Quill Theatre due to an illness in her family. Although I know it will not be the end of our friendship, and hope it will not be the end of our collaborations together, I thought that the end […]

Eastcheap makes it to semi-finals of Shakespeare’s New Contemporaries

Poor Jack, farewell! We wrote. We edited. But, like most people who submit something to be published or accepted for the theater, our words did not conquer. The Last Syllable team decided to take a first crack at playwriting. (If Shakespeare could do it, why can’t we!?) The product of that effort was Eastcheap, a […]

What is BardCycle?

The inaugural post on the BardCycle Blog! Given that I have a lot of prep work to do and a lot of blog posts to come, I’ll keep this one short and sweet. What is BardCycle? BardCycle is a cross-country tour of American Shakespeare via bicycle. When is BardCycle? I will set off from Richmond […]

The Kurlan Naiksos

In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “The Chase,” Captain Picard’s archaeology professor gifts him an ancient artifact called a Kurlan Naiskos. A sculpted bust of a humanoid, it opens to reveal a number of smaller humanoid figurines inside. This represents the Kurlan belief that a person’s consciousness is made up of a chorus […]