Light Seeking Light. Ashland. Days 15-17.

Saturday morning I woke up in the Lake Honey rest stop and made coffee in my French press with my electric kettle and then set off north. After a beautiful drive through the mountains and a few more stops to sightsee, I arrived in the tiny mountain town of Ashland, home of the Oregon Shakespeare […]

So Fair and Foul a Day. Lake Tahoe. Days 13 and 14.

Days 13 and 14 Thursday morning I attended the last of Kate Moncrief’s seminars, which focused on Othello and The Merchant of Venice. Receptions of Lisa’s Shylock were extremely positive, although reactions to the fifth act were mixed. People complained that the reappearance of Shylock ruined the happy ending and made them uncomfortable, but I […]

Better The Instruction. Cedar City. Days 11 and 12.

Henry VI Part 1   Tuesday night I went to see Henry VI part 1, again at the large outdoor, Englestad theatre. I was especially excited for this particular show because not only had I not seen any of the Henry VI plays on BardVenture yet, I’ve never actually seen any of them, ever. So […]

A Round Unvarnished Tale. Cedar City. Days 10 and 11.

After sleeping five hours in the car at a highway rest area in the mountains of Colorado, I set off toward Cedar City, Utah before dawn. I was desperate to make it to Utah Shakespeare in time to see their matinee of Othello at 2pm. I averaged about 85mph on those empty stretches of painted […]

Glorious Summer. Boulder. Day 9.

I spent Friday visiting the Mark Twain sites and then drove a few hours over to Kansas City where I stayed in the musty old farmhouse. Saturday morning I got up early and drove over to Second Best Coffee where I camped for a couple of hours, requesting places to stay on CouchSurfing and looking […]

A Tedious Brief Scene. Cincinnati and Louisville. Days 3-6.

I will begin by apologizing for how infrequent my blog entries are and will likely continue to be while on this trip. It is harder than I anticipated to find the time to sit down and write anything substantive. Between driving, seeing shows, dutifully updating my social media accounts, planning out my destinations, and begging […]

All The World’s A Stage. Staunton. Days 1-3.

Summer Shakespeare trip, take two! We are restarting the clock at days 1-3 Finally recovered from my mysterious illness, rental car in my possession full of granola bars and trail mix, I left Richmond Saturday morning headed for Staunton. I found a wonderful host on and met up with her to get the keys […]

Tear Him For His Bad Verses

Before I was anything else, I was a writer. I was probably eight or nine years old the first time that I sat down and wrote a story on my own, not for a school assignment, not because anyone asked me to, just because I wanted to. I still remember most of it, it was […]

Discovery (Fuck Seth MacFarlane)

Like any intelligent, cultured human being, I’m a huge fan of Star Trek. My early experiences watching Trek had a profound influence on my cultural and social ideas. It was Star Trek that introduced me to Shakespeare and to humanism. When I start looking for the seeds of the philosophies that have shaped my identity, […]