Kill Yourself

It is 4:23am. I am in the worst mood ever. Here is a list of reasons that you should kill yourself. 1. You will probably suffer from some debilitating mental or physical illness in your lifetime. It might be a cancer that destroys your internal organs and forces you through many painful treatments before it […]

Near Death, Vol 1

I grew up Oregon Hill, when it was still a pretty hood place to live. I lived there until I was 17 (2002) when my dad died and I moved off on my own. I moved back to the Hill in 2006 for a few months with the worst combination of people ever. Regardless of […]


The story – however inaccurate – told by Herodotus (known either as the father of history or the father of lies) is a stirring one and we all know it. Darius of Persia is on a mission to conquer every piece of land on the globe. He’s got horses, he’s got archers, he’s got heavy […]

Sotto Voce

I have a tendency occasionally to hyperfocus, which means that when I’m really in the zone about something, a video game (rarely), writing (fairly often), staring at someone (very often), or listening to music (very often), I tend not to notice a lot of other surroundings, like for example, someone honking their horn to tell […]