Last Syllable Press is an independent small press based on the east coast. Operated as a partnership between Mac MacDaniel and Zoa, Last Syllable serves as a platform for the writings of Zoa and Mac, as well as the work of other local or independent authors and artists. 

Mac MacDaniel is an author and Shakespeare educator. In 2017 he was awarded the Bard Award by Quill Theatre for his work teaching Shakespeare in Virginia. He has taught Shakespeare to students from elementary school to university, at theatre camps, and in juvenile detention facilities. In addition to Shakespeare, Mac also enjoys the ballet and slam poetry. 

Zoa writes fiction and poetry and is the 2016 winner of the Shann Palmer Poetry Contest. He also works as an editor. His interests include classic literature, medieval history, and endlessly trying to improve his tennis abilities. Born and raised in Metro Detroit, he now calls Richmond, Virginia, home.