Translate Released

Translate is a new one-off zine that I created with the help of my friends Carly and Rachel. I wrote four poems on the theme of language and handed two of them off to Rachel and two to Carly, who translated them into French and then exchanged them and translated them back into English, so […]

Brief Candle 5 Released

We finally finished the fifth issue of Brief Candle, our Shakespeare zine where we invite people from all walks of life to muse on Shakespeare. From fan theories about characters, to serious literary analysis, to reviews of Shakespeare-related books, to recipes, to how famous characters from Shakespeare would take their coffee, this zine has it […]

Eastcheap makes it to semi-finals of Shakespeare’s New Contemporaries

Poor Jack, farewell! We wrote. We edited. But, like most people who submit something to be published or accepted for the theater, our words did not conquer. The Last Syllable team decided to take a first crack at playwriting. (If Shakespeare could do it, why can’t we!?) The product of that effort was Eastcheap, a […]

Fog Released

We released a new poetry zine called Fog at the Philly Zine Fest last week. Zoa and I each submitted five poems, and our friend Emily did illustrations and designed the zine. We sold most of our copies at the fest but we have some left that we’ll put up on the store today.

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Past Year’s Accountability

Here we are again, checking in at the end of another year with a list of my failures. In what has become an increasingly masochistic tradition, I am writing another “Past Year’s Accountability” post publicly shaming myself for not following through with all the things I had planned to do at the end of last […]

Halloween Flash Fiction Showdown 2k18

Zoa and I had so much fun with our scary story competition last year that we decided to revive it this year. Below are two scary stories of 500 words or less, one written by me, one written by Zoa. We won’t tell you who wrote which story so as not to bias you. Read […]

Look on’t again I dare not

After a long string of new (to me) books, I recently decided to pick up one that I have read before: Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring. Rereading books was something that I did often as a teenager and young adult because I really enjoyed living in worlds where I knew I […]

Tear Him For His Bad Verses

Before I was anything else, I was a writer. I was probably eight or nine years old the first time that I sat down and wrote a story on my own, not for a school assignment, not because anyone asked me to, just because I wanted to. I still remember most of it, it was […]